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Gloria Ngiesu

Gloria Ngiesu is a Congolese Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist and the founder of NGI&SU which is both a clothing brand and a fashion studio.

She informed us that as a little girl she always wanted to become a business woman , a fashion designer someday. So in 2019 after completing her studies in Fashion, she started her first clothing line made of African print wear. However, she figured out that if she wanted to stand out from the crowd, she had to go in another direction and that is how she came up with the idea of creating and producing court wedding dresses for women. As a start-up, she faced financial challenges as she was self-funding the business and ensuring that she kept her doors opened. In her journey, the first challenge she encountered was the name of the brand, not easy to pronounce right? However, she wanted the name to be authentic and true to what it was representing and that was “a Congolese fashion Label”.

In terms of her line and production process, apart from court wedding gowns, NGI&SU makes wedding gowns, traditional wedding attires, African print outfits, Special Event dresses, African men shirts. On top of that, they also produce clothing line for boutiques or uniforms for a specific organisations. Some of the outfits that they have produced can be seen below;

Over the last year, she told us that she learned that a business is sustained by its foundation (the behind the scenes no one can see). She believes that a business shouldn’t be established for money only but for the needs of its target market. One constantly need to be aware of what’s going on in the industry, what works best? how? and why? is your service offering better than your competitors? Why should someone come to you and not the next business?

Covid-19 taught her that “it’s not about change affecting your business but it’s about your business being strong enough to adapt to change”. Her business has been able to survive through Covid-19 because of referrals , social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. They have also taken part and organised Fashion Shows to showcase their collections and attract more clients.

The aim of this article is to provide you with an overview and visibility of what they do in order for you to “Boost” them by procuring their services.

They are reachable on Instagram: ngiesu__ and Facebook: Atelier Ngiesu


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